Fish Fly Over

Our secret is out! The fish finders were visiting the park, taking, what we are sure, will be beautiful video of the park in fall with their unmanned aerial vehicle. You can find fish enthusiasts everywhere these days, under AND over the water. These two gentlemen host a fishing show (on WFN network on Bell) and…

Public Consultations on the Official Plan

Here is your chance to show you care what happens in your community. Take note! If you do not state your opposition to updates to the official plan, you won’t have a say on any of the proposed changes. If you have any issues or questions, find out the facts at one of these public…

Jessup’s Falls

Jessup’s Falls, a set on Flickr. A quiet fall morning in the park as the mist dissipates under the rising sun.

Spring Has Come to Jessup’s Falls

We didn’t get to see any impressive displays of ice this year. Instead, winter melted into summer. But now, seasonally cool weather and rain has descended on us.  The waters might rise a bit this week! But don’t expect any icebergs!

Protect Jessup’s Falls

The Alfred-Plantagenet council have all come out unanimously in favour of protecting the Jessup’s Falls escarpment. At the town council meeting on October 15th, the mayor stated that he deems it necessary to protect the escarpment from any uses that could have a negative impact. They are working on a “Modification to the designation of…


SERA KARST TASK FORCE PHOTOS, a group on Flickr. People dedicated to cleaning up Karst caves. Let’s make sure ours in Jessup’s Falls never get polluted!

Community Barbecue to Save the Escarpment

BBQ Communautaire – UN RENDEZ-VOUS À NE PAS MANQUER: BBQ communautaire, samedi 11 août entre 11 h et 13 h pour démontrer l’opposition de la communauté face à l’établissement d’une usine d’asphalte à Plantagenet.  Le BBQ aura lieu au 6560 County Rd 17, soit la propriété adjacente à la propriété en jeu pour le changement…

Bald Eagle Makes its Summer Home on the Bay

A bald eagle was spotted flying over the Bay this morning. Eagle calls could be heard later in the evening. If anyone spots the nesting grounds…give them a wide berth…and tell us all where to stay away from so we can continue to enjoy this majestic creature in our skies. Protected Species: The Bald Eagle…

Lazy Hazy Weekend in the Park

This 3rd weekend of July was a hot one. Canoe’s were moored on the shore while those enjoying picnics took a walk under the shade of an umbrella. Others sat lazily in boats by the shore.

Fight for the Falls

The residents from the township of Alfred-Plantagenet (and other areas too!) showed up in large numbers tonight to voice their concerns over the building of an asphalt plant that will be in close proximity to the Jessups Falls park. There was standing room only and a police presence to ensure the safety of all (Alfred…