Discover Jessup’s Falls Festival

Yearly Festival in the Park

Once a year, we celebrate Jessup’s Falls with a barbecue and festival. The festival is held in the Jessup’s Falls conservation area in the county of Alfred-Plantagenet Ontario. [The festival was put on hold during the pandemic but rumour has it…it will be back for 2023!]

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The festival showcases local sustainable businesses, artists and artisans. Displays and guest speakers introduce you to the fascinating nature and history of the region.

The Goal of the Festival

Our goal is to highlight all that the region has to offer and its unique geography. Visitors will be able to learn about Jessup’s Falls all while nibbling on local fare. Admission is free and proceeds from sales go towards the “protect the escarpment” fund.

Artists and businesses from Prescott-Russell that employ and share the goal of sustainable practices, are invited to reserve a 10×10 spot for a booth.

Local Business Booth

A shared booth is provided for local businesses that either do not have a booth, are not able to participate all day or businesses such as multi level marketers (ex. Avon). Booth spots are reserved for local home grown businesses so this booth gives others the chance to advertise their businesses with business cards, menus, and brochures in the shared booth. A map will be available for all businesses to pin their location!

Local Artist Gallery

Artists from Prescott-Russell are invited to take part in the Artist’s Gallery in the park. Each year we explore a new theme with guest speakers and displays. The Jessup’s Falls artist gallery takes place at the yearly festival in the Jessup’s Falls park on the 2nd Sunday of July. Local artists are invited to take part in a 10 x 20 artist gallery. Each year we look for artwork to display works of art from Prescott-Russell artists according to the theme of the festival.

Local Businesses

Original local businesses that share our vision of a sustainable future are invited to set up kiosks at the festival.

The Group

The festival is organized and funded by EscarpAction Jessup’s Falls. A local non-profit that strives to protect our fragile environment and promote our region. The Jessup’s Falls escarpment is a remarkable limestone land formation with a unique ecosystem. Unfortunately, what makes it so special also makes it very sensitive to surface water contamination. The organization’s goal is to increase awareness of how sensitive the water table below the escarpment is to contamination and to promote sustainable practices in business and home life.

Further information on EscarpAction may be obtained from