Discover Jessup’s Falls

The Event

Once a year or so, we celebrate Jessup’s Falls with a barbecue and festival showcasing the area’s businesses and unique geography.

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The festival showcases local businesses, artists and artisans. Displays will introduce you to the fascinating nature and history of the region.

The Group

EscarpAction is a local non-profit that strives to protect our fragile environment and promote our region. The Jessup’s Falls escarpment is a remarkable limestone land formation with a unique ecosystem. Unfortunately, what makes it so special also makes it very sensitive to surface water contamination.

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The Goal

Our goal is to highlight all that the region has to offer and increase awareness of how sensitive the water table below the escarpment is to contamination. Visitors will be able to learn about our region while nibbling on regional fare. Admission is free and proceeds from sales go towards the “protect the escarpment” fund.