Protect the Escarpment

The Fight Continues

The date is set, the lawyers are standing by, concerned citizens of Prescott-Russell are readying themselves for a year of research, campaigning and fundraising.

The case to save the escarpment from industrial development (quarryies and asphalt plants) is underway. We are preparing for a pre-hearing with the Ontario Municipal Board 27th of April 2017 at 10AM. The hearing will follow on the 2nd of October 2017 and 11am. The hearing could continue for up to 5 weeks!

Given the time it will take and the necessity to be on site to defend our case, lawyers have been hired to help assure our side will be heard.

We are planning fundraising events during the year to help pay for the expert witnesses required and the lawyers. If you enjoy the pristine beauty of this area, either sitting in the park or fishing on the river, please help by donating.

To donate, please go to:

Thank you for your support from the Friends of Jessup’s Falls


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