Fishing the South Nation River

A popular spot for picnics, naps and fishing! Jessup’s Falls park boasts a boat launch, a dock and plenty of outcroppings of rock into the river to stand on with your fishing rod. On hot days, show up early in the morning or in the evening when the fish start jumping. Have a seat beneath the bridge or bring an umbrella. The shade of the trees in the park are very inviting for a midday nap while you wait for the fish to wake up.

Fishing below the bridge

Fishing licences

You can find information on fishing licenses on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website. You need an Outdoors Card as well as a fishing license to fish in Ontario. Fishing License Information

The Dépaneur Leger (Convenience store) in Plantagenet is the closest seller of fishing licenses to the park. You can also pick one up at the Canadian Tire stores in Rockland and Hawkesbury.

Things to watch out for

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy

The Falls – there was once a water fall under the bridge, always make sure to wear a life jacket when on the water and away from the edge if walking near the bridge. The water runs pretty fast and you can find yourself out in the middle of a big wide bay!

Plants – Jessup’s falls is resplendent with Ontario’s official flower, the white trillium, in the spring (which are don’t pick), but the other abundant wild plant is poison ivy. Stay on the trail, on open ground and rocks if you are allergic. Find out more on Wikipedia.

Wild Parsnip


Guiding Organizations that fish the river

A couple of fishing companies have been seen fishing in the area. If you are looking for guides for fishing, try one of these:

Ottawa River Musty Factory who have also written about the need to save the American Eel, a species at risk in Jessup’s Falls.

Cottage Fishing Adventures has also fished in our area in the winter on the South Nation.

Ice Fishing on the South Nation River

Fish Finders tv show has also fished in our area. See some wonderful fall pics of the Jessup’s Falls conservation area here: Fish Finders in Prescott Russell

Fish on Film Productions
Over flying the South Nation River

Where to stay

We have some lovely B and Bs in the region as well as a motel in the village.

O’Genet B&B is a quality establishment offering a wide range of services. Less than ten minutes by car to the Jessup’s Falls Conservation area. Take the road through Plantagenet to pick up some fries and a fishing license!

Place 19-67 is a motel with restaurant, only 5 minutes from the Conservation area in the nearby town of Plantagenet.

Pick up your lunch, your fishing rod and have a nice relaxing day at the park.



Check the map for amenities.


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