Protect Jessup’s Falls

What are those red signs all about?


The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet attempted to remove the mineral aggregate resource designation from the Jessup’s Falls escarpment. But the change to the official plan was rejected by the province. The township and concerned citizens worked together to strengthen the Official Plan and put safeguards in place to help protect the water, air and land from pollutants.

Installation of heavy industry on the escarpment could have many negative effects on the surrounding landscape.

The air, water and noise pollution can have a disastrous effect on the

  • environment,
  • non renewable natural resource (Jessup’s Falls escarpment),
  • natural ecosystems,
  • natural heritage,
  • species at risk,
  • the aquifer and the
  • value of surrounding property.

Not to mention effects on quality of life with

Risks to the environment are not limited to industrial development! You too can help reduce the risks to our environment and impact of fish habitats.

Something as simple as tossing out a cigarette butt on the shores of a river can have disastrous effects:

Smoked cigarette butts (SCB) (smoked filter + tobacco), smoked cigarette filters (SF) (no tobacco) and unsmoked cigarette filters (USF) (no tobacco) were all found to be acutely toxic to representative marine and freshwater fish.

Read the whole study…

Get involved and help reduce the risk to our environment, park and rivers. A local community group is helping, you can too.

  • Remove your garbage after your visit.
  • Keep your cigarette butts in the car and dump them at the gas station.
  • Compost your pumpkins!
  • Visit EscarpAction for more information.
Keep our water clean, keep our air clean
Help keep our water clean, keep our air clean and our resources protected for all our futures.



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