Protect Jessup’s Falls

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet rejected the zoning change from “rural” to “mineral aggregate resource”. The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) REJECTED that change and wants to keep all aggregate available for extraction. That would allow THE INSTALLATION OF AN ASPHALT PLANT as well as a quarry on a property located on County Road 17 close to the Jessup’s Falls bridge (part of lot 18, conc. 2).

According to a report obtained from the United Counties of PR, the asphalt plant will :
– have a maximum capacity to produce 250 tons per hour of asphalt
– have maximum number of entry and exit on County Road 17 estimated at 40 trucks per hour.
– be situated in an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI – Jessup’s Falls Escarpment), which will be lost in a new zoning category “mineral aggregate resource” (watch this great video on the Jessup’s Falls Escarpment. Watch Video on The escarpment.

Main alarming consequences include:

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Noise Pollution

These can have a disastrous effect on the

  • environment,
  • non renewable natural resource (Jessup’s Falls escarpment),
  • natural ecosystems,
  • natural heritage,
  • species at risk,
  • the aquifer and the
  • value of surrounding property.

Not to mention effects on quality of life with

Help eliminate this risk to our environment, park and rivers.

Please sign the petition: I would like to help

Keep our water clean, keep our air clean
Help keep our water clean, keep our air clean and our resources protected for all our futures.

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