About Jessup’s Falls

Welcome to our little corner of paradise.

Steel Bridge over the Nation
Steel Bridge on the 17 over the South Nation river

Jessup’s Falls is a small area within the county of Plantagenet in Ontario, Canada. It was at one time, part of Treadwell, and perhaps further back in history, its own town.

The water fall is now a river. An escarpment starts just beyond the road that leads from the highway to the former town of Treadwell. This is an area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI) and houses many ‘Species At Risk (SAR)’. At one time, a cross country ski trail run by the Club Boreal ski club ran along the escarpment.

People still come for picnics in the park or to fish on the river. It provides a quiet place to rest and reflect for people of the area and those just travelling the 17.

The Jessup’s Falls Conservation Area

Steel Bridge
Flood waters rising into the park in spring

The South Nation Conservation authority operates the Jessup’s Falls park as well as 4 other parks within Prescott Russell that are open to the public during the summer months.

The park is popular with fishermen who are often seen on site from dawn until dusk. There is a dock and boat launch to accommodate all types of river enthusiasts! In the winter, ice fishing is the sport of choice. However, as the name eludes to, there ARE falls beneath the surface! And the ice in the winter can be thinner beneath the bridge so the park is not open then. In other words, you have to know someone since the river borders on private land.somethingbig

The river after the ‘waterfall’ forms into a bay with marvellous sunsets over pylons from an old train bridge. It is a popular summer vacation area surrounded on one side by cottages and a marina and on the other side, farms and lush agricultural lands. The bay is very deep as it changes levels after the bridge. Cadets used to come and train in the bay and each spring, as the ice breaks up, it tries to carve out a little more of the shoreline.

Many businesses in the area are geared towards health, wellness and outdoor activities.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ed breski says:

    Just wanted to point out a typo in “sunsets” and that “bay” doesn’t need a capital B.

    The river after the ‘waterfall’ forms into a Bay with marvellous sun sets….

    Nice article. We’ll stop next time we drive past toward Montreal!

    1. tzanne says:

      Ack! I hate typos. Especially my own. Lol. Thanks for pointing it out! Park is closed in winter but when the trilliums come out in the spring it is worth the effort to park across the road and walk in 🙂

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