December in Plantagenet

The park is closed. The fish are waiting. What do residents of Plantagenet do in between summer fishing and ice fishing? During a pandemic? Plan a socially distanced Christmas event outside in the village!

On December 13, there will a tree lighting event in the village at Chesser’s Park (Between the two bridges). It is also an opportunity to visit the new pavilion that is being constructed on the site by local builder Luxus Timber Frames (You can also find them on Facebook.)

The day’s activities

Local community group Vive Plantagenet, has activities planned from 1 to 4:30

  • Santa Claus will tour Plantagenet on a vintage tractor,
  • hot chocolate and cookies will be provided by Café sur la rive ,
  • craft bags for the kids,
  • some lucky families will have their picture taken with Santa and,
  • the winners of the local house decorating contest will be announced.
  • There may also be horses!
  • It will all culminate with the tree lighting at dusk.

There will be facebook live streams throughout the event for those who cannot attend in person.

The organizing group will also be collecting donations for the treats. This year’s charity is:

Groupe Action – pour l’enfant, la famille et la communauté de Prescott-Russell

Through its Fiers de nos enfants / Maisons de la famille program, Groupe Action offers meeting places and access to parenting education for all families to encourage the healthy development of their children from birth to 6 years old. They also offer free snowsuits, diapers and formula to families in need.

Now for the reality we are living in…Covid safety measures

  • There will be no contact with Santa during parade and pics: pictures will be taken in front of the tractor with Santa (who stays sitting on his seat).
  • Hot chocolate will be in eco-cups, and cookies in paper sleeves.
  • We stay 2 meters apart in family groups.
  • If you wish to approach the volunteers or other participants outside your circle, please wear a mask.

Let’s celebrate safely!

More information can be found on the groups community event page Vive Noël à Plantagenet.

All photographs on this page by local photographer Leeça St-Aubin.

Blog post by designer Suzanne Bohay

Members of Vive Plantagenet

Home of Jessup’s Falls

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