Where Jessup’s Falls got it’s name

Excerpt from the book: History of the counties of Argenteuil, Que., and Prescott, Ont: from the …
Author: Cyrus Thomas
Publisher: J. Lovell & Son, 1896


About four miles down the river from Plantagenet Mills is a place long known as
Jessup’s Falls, where there is an admirable water-power, and the large saw-mill of
Messrs. Hagar & Anderson.

Just below the mill the river expands into a wide, deep and picturesque basin, which makes a most convenient place for holding the Jogs coming down the river, till they are drawn into the mill to be sawn. Here, amid the pines, surrounded with bewitching rural scenery, is the cottage of Mr. Anderson, one of the proprietors of the ‘ mill.

Far back in the present century, a grant of 400 acres of land at this place was made by Government to Edward Jessup, jr. This land was sold 9th September, 1825, to Alexander McDonnell, and later it came into possession of Alfred Chesser.

Benjamin Anderson came from the County of Derry, Ireland, about 1829, and settled in South Plantagenet on the Nation river. About two years later, one of his children, a little girl, was drowned in this stream, and her mother declaring that she would no longer live in this place, they removed to Lot 16 in the 6th Concession, where Mr. Anderson died about 1851. He had four sons and three daughters; James, the eldest of the former, remained on the homestead.

Alexander Wiley, the youngest of the family, learned the blacksmith trade, bought Lot 21, 6th Range, erected a carriage and blacksmith shop and saw-mill, and lived there eighteen years. He was married 25th September, 1867, to Martha J. Anderson. In 1881 he entered into partnership with Mr. Hagar, in the lumber business, and during the two following years they built the saw-mill at Jessup’s Falls, of which Mr. Anderson is the manager. The mill has two circular saws, and cuts 50,000 feel daily, and about 3,000,000 feet annually. They also manufacture lath, shingle and clap-boards. There is a telegraph office here, and a grocery, from which their employees buy their supplies .

Small scale saw mills still operate in the area!