Derecho, Heatwave, Sun, Fish

The summer of 2022 started with storms and is closing out with heatwaves as we head into August.

The gate is closed when spring blooms in the park. But many bike to the park or walk in to enjoy the May flowers. The trilliums did not disappoint this spring! Every year, the carpet of white, interspersed with the occasional mauve, seems to grow.

Finally in May, the gate was opened and the dock installed! Beautiful, refreshing air welcomed walkers, kite flyers, and anyone looking for a restful visit.

Soon after, the Derecho storm hit and closed the park! The park remained closed until arborists could survey the damage and get the dangerous hanging trees removed. The trail where we enjoy the trilliums will most likely be closed for the entire summer as at least a half dozen trees block the entry to the trail! A trip into the forests of the Jessup’s Falls escarpment tells a continuing story of deadfall and widowmakers waiting to take their plunge.

Luckily one of the willows so far is surviving and South Nation Conservation has planted a whole slew of new trees. There is nothing like some nice shade to sit in while fishing!

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