Happy Mother’s Day!


Even for those of us whose mother’s are no longer with us, Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. It is my mother’s influence that inspires me to look for the beauty in the world and to share it with others. She shared what she saw through her art, I share it through my camera. And along the way, meet many wonderful people who share my love of life, nature and the park.

May in the park sees the bloom of hundreds of trilliums. Just in time for Mother’s Day! And how better to spend the day than a mother daughter fishing trip in the park when the fish are coming up the bank to the flooded shores of the South Nation, to feed on the goodies released from the grasses. I was lucky to come upon this team as a big catfish was pulling on the line! One that, to boot, looked like it may be pregnant! She was quickly released after this shot.

A happy mother’s day to all creatures, be they two legged, four footed or finned.

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