Festival Jessup’s Falls Schedule

The Jessup’s Falls festival is this Sunday July 7th at the Jessup’s Falls Conservation area; 6675 County Rd 17, Plantagenet, ON K0B 1L0.

Plan your day with our handy schedule:



  • 11:00 am     Municipal tent: Going Zero! (Zero waste)
  • 11:30 am     Barbecue open!

Under the big top

  • 1:00 pm       Welcome and song by EscarpAction competition winner Valérie GC Lalonde
  • 1:15 pm       Going Fishing with Raymond Lamarche

In the Park

  • 3:00 pm      Guided walk in the woods with Boisée Est

Gallery tent

  • 3:30 pm      Artist’s tea – come and talk with the artists

Under the big top

  • 5:00 pm     Draw for the Free Flight in July


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