Jessup’s Falls Festival 2019


Jessup's Falls Festival 2018
Staying cool under the willows

Date: Sunday, July 7th, 10am to 5pm
Location: Jessup’s Falls  Park (Conservation Area), Plantagenet, Ontario

The Jessup’s Falls festival is our opportunity to showcase local businesses, artists and artisans while introducing the public to the fascinating nature and history of the region while enjoying local fare.

This year’s theme: The river and it’s inhabitants- insects, birds and naturally, fish!P5120121

This year’s event takes place on the last day of the free fishing week. Bring your fishing poles and join us in the shade or on the river shore, learn a bit about our region and take home dinner!

Festival Activities

Jessup's Falls Festival 2018
Baked right next door to the park!
  • Presentation on fishing in the South Nation river
  • Booths featuring local products
  • Art gallery in the park
  • Mini Jet boat rides
  • Barbecue avec saucisse de Mariposa et Trillium Meadows
  • Zoo & much more!

Festival organized by EscarpAction Jessup’s Falls, a non-profit community association founded to promote and support the protection and good management of the Jessup’s Falls karst ecosystem, thereby contributing to the wellbeing of all.

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