In between fishing seasons, enjoy some local food



What is there to do around Jessup’s Falls in the spring? Lots! Other than watching the fast moving water that is! In between fishing seasons, visit some of our local businesses and enjoy some great local fare.

Wendover Family Restaurant

For a quiet lunch and maybe a game of pool just next door, visit the Wendover family restaurant. Located just off the 17,  finally,  there is a place that actually got my order of sweet potato fries crispy! And for more local enjoyment there is Beau’s beer on tap and art by local artists on the walls.

Bean Town Ranch Sugar Shack Experience

Only 5 minutes from the Jessup’s Falls park is the perfect spring outing. Start with an all you can eat meal of traditional sugar shack brunch starting with pea soup and ending with homemade sugar pie. After our feast, two young strong Canadian horses took us on a tour of the forest where shining buckets hung from the maple trees. The horses let us off at big barn where maple syrup is turned to taffy on the snow. A sweet ending to our day.

Sugar shack season closes at the ranch on April 8! There might still be time to make a reservation:


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