Welcome to January 2018 on the escarpment!

The year started with plenty of winter; snow, cold, freezing rain, more cold, polar vortex cold and a flood of cold OVER the pole from SIBERIA!

New Year’s Day was the coldest since 1899, with an average temperature for the day of -24.6 C.

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Which also meant getting out on the ice early.


But in the past couple of weeks, the weather has turned again! As the temperature threatens to rise about zero this weekend, we must be cautious.

“Before hitting the hardwater this winter, learn to recognize the signs of danger”

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wetIceshoreWith weather warnings going out from the South Nation Conservation Authority last week and Rideau Watershed, conservation authority, this week, it may be best to stay by the shoreline. Melt and broken ice was spotted below the bridge this past week.

“The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is raising the alarm about unsafe conditions on rivers and lakes throughout the Rideau Watershed with another thaw predicted this weekend.”

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“Residents are advised to stay away from rivers as the forecasted weather may rapidly increase river flows and cause slippery river banks. Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.”

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There is plenty to do in the winter in our region; bird watching, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing or the mechanical type of travel some may prefer 🙂 Visiting with friends and warming by the fire is also an acceptable winter activity. And don’t despair! The cold weather will be back and we can dive into our snow and ice related activities with no worries…well other than frostbite maybe 😉

Although the water may be hard this time of year, it runs fast and deep below the bridge.

Be safe!


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