Ultra-Fabulous Garage Sale

Garage sale Flea Market style: Many items including antiques, collectibles, crafts, bake sale and barbecue. A portion of the profits will go to help protect Jessup’s Falls and many other natural areas in our region. It takes lawyers, planners and experts to get the wording right on our official plan. Wording that will help make sure that ‘your’ water stays clean.

Help us raise funds to protect the environment by recycling! Re-using! and Re-purposing! Start by purchasing some fabulous finds at our Saturday sale.

Location: 3050 Principale Street, Wendover, On

Hours: 7:30am to 5pm

Look for the blue and green EscarpAction tables. All proceeds from those tables go to help protect the Jessup’s Falls escarpment.


Debit and credit cards accepted.

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