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  1. Claudette says:

    My husband, Dr. Randy Frid, myself and my son is very involved in this fight. They were at the court house in L’Orignal this afternoon registering their need to see all documents. If you need us please contact us. We need to fight this. And fast.

  2. Pierre says:

    Je suis résident de la concession 3 (Bean Town Ranch), donc pas loin de Jessup Falls. Petitions should be left at different stores/dépaneurs, and maybe more information in our mailboxes, maybe even go door to door with the petitiion. J’ai signé la pétition, je nous souhaite bonne chances

    1. claudie says:

      I totally agree Pierre, but this has been going on for over a year now without our knowing. You have to get involved. You must register in L’Orignal court house to recieve all documents. The more faces that show up the better. Sooooo many of us did not know anything about this till last Monday. The town meeting was powerful. But I actually feel that money has already changed those greasy hands including the Mayor. You think this only happens in big cities, but it doesn’t.
      Let’s all do this together.

  3. Imogen says:

    a 30-year neighbour to this beautiful park on the South Nation River with its long stretch of fish sanctury (see Ont. fishing regulations for yearly closed season), owning and protecting a mile of riverfront , assisting nature with low impact chemical-free farming, enjoying clean air and water, an abundance of creatures, often protected species, whose pictures one only sees in books and magazines, we are still in shock over the news of ruthless polititians, wanting to destroy our grandchildren’s future to satisfy their own personal greed!
    Please help us stand up for future generations, help us fight!
    Where are the tough environmental laws, when they are so needed?
    Why aren’t existing restrictions being respected and enforced?

  4. Claudie Frid says:

    My husband just left a very detailed message with South Nations Conservation authority. We are awaiting an answer from them. We were told that they would investigate. If ANY species are being threatened in any way, they could shut these guys down. I will share more news as this unfolds. Keep fighting.

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